4 Surprising Ferrari Features

It’s impossible to discuss leading luxury vehicles without mentioning Ferrari. The sleek, world-renowned brand boasts performance cars that ignite both attention and envy from admirers across the globe. As a dream car for many, Ferrari features are distinctive and highly desired. Founded by Enzo Ferrari, the Italian auto brand is valued at over $33 billion. While its classic, beautiful look can be spotted from afar, there are many unrivaled Ferrari features and facts that might surprise even the most dedicated car enthusiast.

  • A Rich History: The luxury brand we know and love today dates back to 1929 in Modena, Italy where it was first called, Scuderia Ferrari. In fact, the first Ferrari model was a V12 Ferrari 125 Sport race car with only two examples built, putting the gorgeous brand on the map. As for the iconic aesthetics, the classic Ferrari Cavallino Rampante, or ‘Prancing Horse’ logo honors a famed WWI flying ace whose plane was decorated with the badge.
  • Everything is Customizable: Ferrari customers can truly own a one-of-a-kind luxury vehicle through the Ferrari Personalization Program. At one time, customers had the ability to select leathers, woods and finishes, and now the brand has made available a range of programs to personalize every detail of their Ferrari to suit individual tastes and desires. A custom-designed Ferrari is an exquisite sign of luxury and class.

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  • The Story Behind the Classic Red: An eye-catching red Ferrari is classic, chic and exudes the energy of speed and power. The iconic Rosso Corsa, which translates to ‘racing red,’ was the automobile’s signature color to meet the regulations of the Italian Grand Prix race cars. While this is no longer a requirement, red is still the most popular color chosen by clients. A stunning 85 percent of all Ferraris built in the early 1990s were painted red.
  • Tradition and Luxury Continue: Introducing the latest Ferrari, the 812 GTS. A nod to the classic Ferrari Spider that boasted a front-mounted V12 and last debuted 50 years ago, the 812 GTS returns the model type that shaped the marque’s history and foundation. As the most powerful production convertible on the market, this elegant model produces nearly 800 horsepower and is packed with exhilarating features coated in an ambiance of tradition.

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