Become The Nightfall Group


The Nightfall Group is the premier VIP rentals and concierge service (exotic car rental, private jets, yacht charter, entertainment, and more). We offer the epitome of luxury vacation to travelers seeking the glitz and glamor associated with prime worldwide destinations like Los Angeles, Monaco, Dubai, Ibiza, Marbella, Saint Barthelemy, to name a few.

Live your life by design with The Nightfall Group if you share our philosophy of the luxury lifestyle and have a passion for high-end experiences. Together, we can promote The Nightfall Group and your own personal brand.


Benefits Of being A Nightfall Group Ambassador:

Free shoots


The ability to have up to Free 2 shootings per month in high-end properties/ exotic cars/Yacht/Jets

Private events


Access to private events and parties sponsored by The Nightfall group

Discounted stays


25% off on any Nightfall group luxury rentals

Earn a commission


Ability to receive a commission by referring clients. 10% commission paid on any client's spending

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Requirement On how to become A Nightfall Group Ambassador

A candidate for the position of The Nightfall Group ambassador should be an enthusiastic, outgoing individual with a considerable social media presence and a medium- to large-sized network. Presumably is already familiar with and endorses the Nightfall Group brand. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Representing the brand positively in a multitude of settings.

  • Participating in marketing events.

  • Generating brand awareness through Instagram posts and stories.

  • Being an opinion leader in his/her community.

  • Providing feedback and insight on new products/services.

  • Generate leads and get paid a commission* on each closed lead.

  • Mention The Nightfall in bio on Instagram.


Commission: To incentivize the distribution of promotional materials and the generation of leads by our Nightfall Group ambassadors. The more leads an ambassador brings into the company, the more earning potential he or she will have. The Ambassador has the ability to earn equity in The Nightfall Group’s Ambassador department.