Butler & Housekeeping

Our objective is not only to serve the needs and meet basic expectations but to anticipate and exceed them. This is the ethic that our butler services are based on. We thoroughly filter our candidates and select the most experienced, skilled, meticulous, and tactful ones. Whatever needs you have, our butlers are ready to assist.

Butler service


Housekeeping service


Butler services by The Nightfall Group include:

  1. Serving meals
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Unpacking luggage
  4. Booking tours and activities
  5. Restaurants, spa, and hairdressing reservation
  6. Maintain/Polish silver and brass, china, crystal, etc.
  7. Phone answering
  8. Staff oversight
  9. Vendor, contractor, and various servicemen oversight
  10. Handyman work
  11. Driving
  12. Coordination/Execution of social functions and parties

In the process of finding the best match for you, we discuss the list of duties and personal requirements you may have. Get ready to forget about household and other everyday life hustles, and focus on what really matters. All you will need to do is to express your needs

Speak up and express your requirements.