Experience the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Style

Fans across the world are counting down to the kickoff of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Taking place in the heart of the state capital, Doha, along the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, this global event has crowds ready to catch the action that runs from November 20

to December 18. Celebratory events will take place all around the State of Qatar, including cultural attractions and entertainment destinations to satisfy both football enthusiasts and discerning travelers alike. If you plan to visit Qatar for a history-making tournament, there’s much beauty and excitement to explore during your stay, and The Nightfall Group is delighted to provide unparalleled concierge services to enhance your World Cup experience.

Discover the State of Qatar

Making history, this year marks the first time that the World Cup finals will be held in the Middle East. With that, the timing of the event has been adjusted from the traditional months of June and July to November and December for a more desirable climate, as Qatar’s summer temperatures reach desert highs. So, how did one of the world’s smallest sovereign states acquire the right to host the ultimate football tournament? In 2010, Qatar won the ballot of FIFA’s Congress, earning it a place to represent the Arab World. A truly unique experience is to be had for visitors to this Gulf destination. From high-end shopping, rich cuisine and crystal-clear waters, to name a few, travelers are sure to be delighted.

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Immerse in the Full FIFA World Cup Experience

This year’s World Cup boasts eight stadiums across Doha, seven of which were specifically constructed for the event, and an entire new city was developed to host the final match. Additionally, new hotels and roads are being built to accommodate the expected 1.5 million fans. For those interested in securing a seat at the world’s biggest sporting event, The Nightfall Group is offering a select number of tickets that can be purchased upon request. In addition to locking in your prime stadium seats, there are numerous activities to elevate your time in Qatar.

Ways to take on adventure during the World Cup:

  • FIFA Fan Festival: Feel the excitement with live entertainment by international artists and keep the energy high throughout your stay. The FIFA Fan Festival takes place in Al Bidda Park and will feature live broadcasts of every match, local cuisine, official FIFA merchandise, VIP hospitality and more.
  • Arcadia Music Festival: Bring the electrifying energy from the football stadium to the Arcadia Music Festival. Held in Al Wakrah near Ras Bu Fontas metro station, this music festival will excite crowds with techno and house music.
  • Inland Sea: While in Qatar, discover the beauty of the Inland Sea. The magnificent desert landscape boasts golden sand dunes that fall into the turquoise Persian Gulf Sea, creating a picturesque view that travelers from around the world journey to see. Allow our full-service concierge team to plan your exploration of this natural masterpiece that suits both adventure and relaxation.

As the world awaits the start of the global sporting event that is FIFA World Cup Qatar, discerning travelers are invited to plan their international getaway at the destination that is dripping in modern architecture, impressive skyscrapers, high-end shopping, iconic art galleries and more. With the historic tournament just weeks away, The Nightfall Group is pleased to coordinate your World Cup experience from start to finish. From luxury villa and penthouse offerings to private jet charters and chauffeur services, our concierge team excels in tailoring one-of-a-kind experiences.