The Nightfall Group Nonprofit Organization

The Nightfall Group Organization is a nonprofit volunteer program that partners with the most known charity organization in the USA that help people in need and those who lack funding support to start over a new life or address pressing social issues.

We want to service humanity and raise awareness of widespread social problems in developing countries. By cooperating with our high-end clients, we can change the world for the better.


Depending on the project and services, 0.1—0.5% of our clients’ payout will go to charity.

In addition to this, we are ready to support worthy charity projects and welcome ideas from our high-profile clients.



Keeping in mind that we all want and deserve a better life, The Nightfall Group Nonprofit Organization bases its philosophy on three major principles:

Everyone can contribute.

Charity doesn’t require much time and devotion — you can donate money and sleep soundly, knowing that you’ve helped someone at the right moment.

Full transparency.

Our high-end clients will get detailed reports from our partners regarding spending and payouts to charity.

Education and encouragement.

Those are the two missing details for making charity and donations more widely practiced. The Nightfall Group Organization keeps clients and the community aware of existing social issues and initiatives that may improve the situation. We keep our hands on the pulse and strive to help people in dire need.


The Nightfall Group works with thousands of clients and has a large network of partners around the world. Together, we organize fundraising campaigns, gather volunteering groups, and help existing projects.

By using the rental services of The Nightfall Group, you sponsor charity and make this world a better place!