The 4 Most Beautiful Places in Ibiza

Is there anything more exotic than escaping the cool weather for a sizzling island escape? Members of the highest of society are turning their heads to the white sandy beaches of Ibiza for a Mediterranean experience like no other.

From bathing poolside under the Spanish sun to whisking away for sunset views on this year’s most impressive yachts, our full-service concierge team takes care of every desire during your stay, from morning to evening and every time in between. So, if a luxurious trip to Ibiza is calling your name, then we have the top four most beautiful sights and wonders to elevate your getaway.

  • Stroll through the Majestic Walls of Dal Vita: The beauty and tranquility of Dal Vita is unparalleled as you enter its dramatic gates and traverse the ancient architectural landscape, dating back over 2,500 years. Embrace true elegance as you sip an enchanting vintage wine at one of several quaint restaurants while enjoying the brush of the light coastal breeze. Make your stay even more incredible by renting the exquisite Sita Villa, an oceanfront retreat only a few miles from all of Ibiza’s exciting districts like Dal Vita. And, with our white glove concierge services, a luxury vehicle chauffeur will assist you with getting to and from your villa in comfort and style.
  • Bask in Ibiza’s Private Beaches and Coves: Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit on this getaway, because there is always a chance of lounging beside an infinity pool overlooking the ocean or venturing a breathtaking cove for a private swim under the stars. With numerous beaches and coves, there’s something for everyone, from diving to relaxing, or venturing to a scenic inlet for water sport activities like yachting and paragliding. Or, lose yourself in the majestic sea at a remote beach like Calla Mastella, Cala Xarraca or S’Illot des Renclí.
  • Spend the day in Luxurious Formentera: Nestled just south of spectacular Ibiza sits the small island of Formentera. From the moment of your yacht arrival– might we suggest the Silver Wind – Formentera will captivate you with its beauty. It’s no surprise that this small island ​​is regularly voted as Europe’s best, also ranking in the top 10 worldwide. From exquisite shops and cafes to an endless expanse of beaches, there is so much this historic village has to offer. If you plan on visiting Formentera often during your vacation, don’t forget to stay nearby at an exclusive villa like the Bora Sanctuary, where modern luxury meets serene wilderness in a seamless blend of the indoors and out.
  • Watch the Sunset in Magical Es Vedrá Inlet: For the ultimate romantic evening, hop aboard The Nightfall Group’s hottest yacht featured on Maxim magazine, the Lamborghini Yacht and sail the silver waves of the Es Vedrá Inlet. There is no desire too grand to enjoy on this breathtaking adventure. Gaze upon the painted peach and rose sky over the cliffs of Es Vedrá as the golden sun sinks into the horizon. It may be the most spectacular sight in all of Ibiza and certainly a must-see moment.

On your majestic journey to Ibiza, The Nightfall Group will pamper you and your guests from beginning to end. From high-end jet charters to beachside villa wellness and fitness instructors, our opulent travel enhancements provide a truly superior experience. Ibiza welcomes you to enjoy a retreat of tranquility, excitement and endless luxury. Welcome to paradise.