The World’s Best Whale-Watching Destinations

Witnessing the natural beauty of world-class wildlife while on a luxury getaway is truly a majestic experience. Whale watching has become a desirable adventure that piques the interest of the most discerning global travelers. The pleasure of cultivating a moment of peace and tranquility amongst surroundings that exude natural luxury and elegance is a treasured experience that can be had at some of the most fascinating worldwide destinations. In fact, The Nightfall Group offers magnificent villas and mansion options near some of the top whale-watching destinations.

Whistler, Canada

If a sophisticated retreat in the wilderness is what you crave, then perhaps a stay in Whistler, Canada is the perfect enticement. With thousands of whales migrating in the waters of Vancouver from spring to fall each year, guests can partake in the glorious seclusion of a luxury villa in the mountains with a day trip to admire the whales in their natural habitat nearby. Named one of the world’s best destinations for whale watching, a variety of species pass through these northern waterways creating an exhilarating experience to enhance guests’ travels.

Marbella, Spain

A modern, luxurious stay on the coast of Spain is made complete with a day of sight-seeing where the sea and ocean meet, and the wildlife are in abundance. Allow our worldwide full-service concierge team to coordinate an exquisite day on a private yacht where you can bask in the sun and spot dolphins and other beautiful wildlife as you coast without a care. When you’re not adventuring for whale sightings, relax in a modern luxurious villa with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and full concierge services to meet your every desire.


Malibu, California

Whale watching is a surprising delight of the local destination of Malibu. When you elect for a nearby getaway with that touch of a global adventure feel, Malibu is a prime location. Sail the coast under the setting sun while spotting a variety of whales, dolphins and sea life. Spectacular species, including the California gray whales that migrate from the Arctic to warmer waters each winter, can be spotted and photographed for memories to last a lifetime. There’s nothing more tranquil than connecting with natural surroundings on the pristine waters of Malibu and ending the day at one of The Nightfall Group’s many Malibu luxury villas.

Luxury and extravagant adventure meet with a getaway to some of the top worldwide whale-watching destinations. Cruise the seas in top international locations like Whistler and Marbella, or opt for a high-end Malibu retreat that encompasses California elegance and the beauty of the sea. Our worldwide concierge team is pleased to bring your international inclinations to life through supreme white-glove services, spanning from private jets to one-of-a-kind excursion coordination in the best destinations across the globe.