Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Fiji

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From sparkling turquoise to luscious emerald green, the waters of Fiji are truly mesmerizing and are calling you to experience the remote island retreat. Explore the coral lagoons, bursting with dazzling colors and exotic marine life, or bask in the sun on miles of secluded beach surrounded by the crashing waves and enticing year-round temperatures. With blissful scenery and fabulous features, we’re unveiling the top five reasons that even the most discerning travelers should add Fiji to their list of premier destinations.

  1.  Location: The luxurious South Pacific getaway encompasses every natural element for a truly exotic taste of paradise. With 300 islands lined with swaying palms and glistening water, this dream haven is closer than you might think. In fact, the flight from Los Angeles is around 10 hours, and if you allow The Nightfall Group to coordinate a private jet charter for your travel, your experience will be that of comfort and class.
  2. Family-Friendly Destination: While Fiji offers the perfect solitude and natural beauty for a romantic escape, it’s also an island full of family-friendly ambiance and adventure. Fiji’s infamous ‘Bula Spirit’ extends beyond just a greeting. This genuine wish for happiness, good health and kindness is infused throughout the island, making visitors feel right at home as they witness the authentic Fijian culture. Share this rich heritage with your family with a visit to Laucala Island’s Cultural Village, one of the remaining villages full of local traditions and architecture.
  3. Pristine Natural Surroundings: Unlike other tropical islands, Fiji is dripping in untouched charm. Still offering everything visitors expect from a luxury island experience, it is not overly developed, which creates a rare natural experience. Spend a morning snorkeling above the most vibrant coral reefs that bestow the island with the title, “The Soft Coral Capital of the World,” or visit the Tavoro Waterfalls tucked within the Bouma National Heritage Park. Over 50% of Fiji is forested, making it the ideal spot to enjoy a peaceful tropical hike to take in the exotic birds and unique sights.
  4. Picture-Perfect Scenery: Fiji’s magnificent land and water backdrops are pure art. Capture the magic with elegant photos for memories to last a lifetime and content to elevate your social posts and have your followers craving more spectacular photos. Catch the diverse plant and flora species within your lens and take in the towering palms of over 30 varieties within the jungle. When you’re not out exploring the greenery, you can always rely on stretches of white sand and stunning sunsets to pose for your camera.
  5. Delectable Local Cuisine: No luxury travel experience is complete without the tastes of exquisite local cuisine, and Fijian dishes are enhanced by diverse cultural influences. Ranking as one of the healthiest cuisines in the Pacific, starchy vegetables such as taro and cassava are used in most dishes, and fresh seafood is in abundance. Adding unique flavor, cooking methods like roasting over an open fire and slow cooking in underground pits are commonly utilized. With The Nightfall Group’s worldwide concierge service, guests may enjoy private chef services in the comfort of their own home or luxury rental villa. From sourcing local ingredients to providing table service, you and your guests can take in the full Fiji dining experience.

Fiji is renowned for being a dream destination with magnificent natural surroundings and a tropical paradise ambiance like no other. There’s no better way to savor the island experience than to stay in a private luxury residence on the exclusive Fijian island of Laucala. The Nightfall Group’s Laucala Villa floats above the lagoon with panoramic views of the South Pacific. The private pool is carved within the shoreline rocks, creating an extension of the natural beauty all for your enjoyment. Delight in the complete Fiji experience with The Nightfall Group’s impeccable services that are as expansive as the sparkling sea.