Selected villas

Saint Tropez , France

12 Guests
5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
2,476 sq ft.

Saint-Tropez , France

12+ Guests
8 bedrooms
9 bathrooms
10,764 sq ft.

Saint-Tropez , France

12+ Guests
5 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
3,331 sq ft.

The Nightfall Group brings to you exclusive luxury villa rentals located at some of the best spots in California. Get ready to pamper yourself this vacation by booking a luxury villa or mansion. We have a well-qualified team that has handpicked luxury villas and estates to meet your needs and requirements. The team looks into every aspect while choosing a villa for rent. Also, the mansions are well-maintained by our brilliant staff with years of expertise in the housekeeping and hospitality sector.

The villas are well-equipped and have modern facilities, from swimming pools to tennis courts. You can also expect a breathtaking view of the city. Apart from the luxury villa rental service, we also offer add-on services, including private jets, yachts, cars, private chefs, etc. You can head over to the concierge services list to know more. Experience the elite life with your family or friends by booking one of our VIP villa rentals. Our efficient staff will cater to your needs and provide add- services that you prefer. We believe in delivering quality services that make your stay worth the price and memorable. We also provide options like villa hire. Here you can rent the entire villa for any event or occasion. In addition, we also have an event management team that can be of your total service. From managing charity events to weddings, we are here to cater to your needs and requirements.

Book luxury mansion for an extravagant vacation

We have a collection of luxury mansions for rent located all over the country. From Los Angeles to Florida, you can choose any city you prefer and book the villa you like. When selecting a property rental site, our team considers various factors before choosing one. We ensure that it has high-end facilities, breathtaking views and more. Our mansion rentals are modern design homes with luxurious amenities. You can stay in mansions that suit your style and the location too. We have villas that are located far from the city. If you’re a private person and like to avoid the city’s hustle-bustle, then you can choose this option. There is an option for mansion hire where you can hire the mansion for special occasions. We host weddings, private gatherings, photoshoots and more. Also, our event management team can help you organize the event. In addition, you can also opt for a chauffeur service to drive you around the city.

Enjoy an exquisite luxury vacation by choosing a manor rental

Have a luxury getaway by booking a manor rental from us. Our team has handpicked manors that are well-maintained and equipped too. It would be a great way to spend time with families in a spacious place with scenic views. Also, it will be a perfect place to ease your mind and release your stress. We have a collection of manor rentals in LA that has breathtaking views. You can also host weddings, private gatherings, photoshoots and more. All the manors are well-furnished with all the high-end amenities. In addition, we also design the services according to your needs and preferences. Opting for a manor rental would be a great choice if your trip is more about peace and relaxation. Most of the manors are located on the outskirts, bringing you closer to nature. You can enjoy nature’s beauty, which you can’t experience in the city. Our team has diligently handpicked the place and makes sure that it’s free of any shortcomings. For those who want to hold their wedding in privacy, this would be an ideal place for you. You can enjoy the calmness of nature while experiencing the best moment of your life.

At The Nightfall Group, we value our customers’ needs and aspire to create a memorable vacation for them. We also have an in-house event management team that deals with event planning. You can hire our team to host dinner events, weddings and more. We have well-qualified staff that makes our working process efficient.

Choosing exclusive luxury home rentals

The Nightfall Group property rental company offers luxury home rentals equipped with high-end facilities. We have luxury houses for rent with brilliant service that makes you feel like a VIP. We have luxury homes where you can spend your vacation with glee. The company offers customized services according to customers’ tastes and preferences. For instance, if you like to host a private dinner, we have an in-house chef, and the chef will help you prepare the dinner according to your style. Our luxury home rentals are inclusive and designed accordingly. For instance, we have homes for rent that are children-friendly and secure from any harmful object. We look into every aspect while curating homes to avoid any inconveniences. The company aspires to provide VIP quality service making your vacation worthwhile.

Book elite homes from us which are well-equipped with all the modern facilities. There is also an executive home for rent to hold corporate meetings or seminars. We have state-of-the-art design conference rooms along with high-tech office equipment. In addition, you can also opt for add-on services like hiring a private jet or car service for transportation. We also offer private security services for VIPs. You can also experience luxury vacations like an elite by booking high-end house rentals from us. The sophisticated house design will make you feel like a Hollywood star. Also, our add-on services are next-level, making your vacation more extravagant. We aim to provide the best services to our customers and aspire to make their trip wonderful.

Choosing luxury vacation rentals for trips

If you’re planning to splurge on your trip, booking the right luxury rental would be a great choice. It’s advisable to book through a reputed rental agency where you’ll get quality service according to your needs and preferences. If you want to experience a luxurious vacation, there are luxurious rental villas that you can opt for. Before booking a property, it’s crucial to consider various aspects before sealing the deal. You should see the amenities they provide and the add-on services that come along. Usually, luxury vacation rentals offer high-quality services, and their add-on services are designed to meet the customers’ taste preferences. If budget isn’t an issue, opt for a luxury rental company that caters to your needs. Also, another factor that you need to consider before booking a villa is the location. If your trip is for recreational purposes, then you can book an estate that’s far from the city to calm your mind. Likewise, if you’re in for a party or tour the city, you can rent a villa in the middle of the city. Luxury rentals service is next level, where some even offer services like yacht charter and private jet charter. So, if you’re going all out on this trip, you can book through luxury rentals that provide high-quality service. In addition, you can consult with the agency and design the service according to your choice.

Design your luxury vacation through luxury vacation rentals

Booking through luxury vacation rentals allows you to customize and design the services according to your choice. One of the best aspects of booking through The Nightfall Group company is that you can choose services to suit you.

Pet Friendly

Try a villa or a mansion to spend your holidays. In addition, if it’s a family trip, you can choose an estate that’s convenient for the children or pets too. Have some perfect time in luxury homes with kids’ rooms or space to play safely.

Comfortable Stay

Another good aspect about booking through luxury rental is the comfort. Once you give us all your needs and preferences, we’ll design them accordingly. You don’t have to worry about anything and enjoy the vacation in peace. For instance, you can opt for a chauffeur service that will drive you around the whole trip. It’s great to design your services in consultation with The Nightfall Group agency. Since you’re spending an enormous amount, it should be worth it. Unlike hotels, here you have the liberty to choose your services and tell us your requirements. The rental agency will customize your plans and ideas accordingly. If budget isn’t an issue for you, you can choose luxury rentals for your holiday trip. The services you get are premium, and it’s worth every dollar. If you want to experience an extravagant vacation, you can book luxury villa rentals from a reputed luxury rental agency. We’ll make your task easier by coming up with the perfect plan. You can enjoy your trip without any hassle and stress.

The Nightfall Group offers all these services to make your vacation a memorable one. We aim to provide premium services to our customers. Also, all our staff and team are well-qualified and understand the company’s core values. From luxury villas to mansions, we offer varieties of luxury house rentals that you can opt for.