Why an Exotic Safari is a Must-Do Family Experience

Are you craving a luxurious getaway for the entire family to enjoy? Look no further than a wild and wondrous safari in stunning Tanzania, South Africa.

From untamed lions and exotic leopards to magnificent elephants and mighty rhinos, The Nightfall Group is pleased to present “Out of Africa,” a treasured and luxurious safari experience your family will remember for the rest of their lives. There is something tranquil about surroundings that exude grandeur and elegance at a destination the highest members of society have been enjoying for generations. Worldwide celebrities, officials and royalty have frequented Tanzania to view wildlife since the 1800s. There is no crusade more dignified than a classic African safari, and we want you to receive the royal treatment from start to finish.

View our indulgent experience packages and enhancements that will transform your safari into the ultimate getaway.

  • Six Nights Luxury Safari: Enjoy six nights of breathtaking beauty and indulgence from the moment you first step foot on the tarmac of the Kilimanjaro airport. Your dignified host will whisk you away to the Kilimanjaro Luxury Camp, where you will savor exquisite Tanzanian cuisine in front of the mighty Kilimanjaro. On day three, take off in flight to Serengeti Park for the grand safari event where wildlife roam their home of Tanzania. At the close of your journey, jet-set in luxury all the way to Zanzibar to witness the white-sand beaches and elegant dining at the Residence Hotel, which sits right on the edge of the sweeping Indian Ocean.The Highlands double room with beautiful views
  • Eight Day Luxury Safari: Take your opulent vacation a step further with an extended trip through the wondrous African terrain. On day one you’ll arrive at the Kilimanjaro Luxury Camp to fully experience the majesty of Mt. Kilimanjaro while dining under an awe-inspiring sunset. On day three, enjoy accommodations at the prestigious Manyara Secret Lodge located on the cusp of Tarangire National Park, known for the largest herd of elephants. Next, venture to Ngorongoro Crater, which was formed by a collapsed volcano. Camp in comfort on the crater’s rim for a dreamy view under a blanket of stars. Finally, partake in the anticipated safari in the world-famous Serengeti National Park, known for its cats, wildebeests and zebras. And what better way to end your excursion than by sipping the world’s finest coffee amidst colorful sunset views?
  • Twelve Day Luxury Safari: This is truly the ultimate getaway, complete with every five-star indulgence that Tanzania has to offer. Explore the largest herd of elephants at the spectacular Tarangire National Park, then embark on a journey to the Ngorongoro Crater to sleep under the stars before venturing to the Kubukubu Tented Camp among the throngs of wildebeest and wildlife. You won’t return home before exploring the “heart of the bush” and the world-renowned Masai Village.The Highlands honeymoon hot tub sunset
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari: Imagine rising above miles of wildlife for a safari experience that captures the full beautiful landscape. This premium enhancement is an optional addition to any of the luxury experiences listed above and includes breakfast, champagne, wild African coffee and a selection of indulgent pastries.

A visit to Tanzania is made complete with The Nightfall Group’s worldwide full concierge services that range from private jets and chef services to luxury villas and beyond. There is no limit to your safari experience. Discover first-class services as you immerse in one of the most exotic destinations in the world.

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