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3 Best Waterfront Restaurants in Miami to Get to By Boat

March 15, 2024

When it comes to exploring Miami’s vibrant culinary scene, few experiences can match dining at the city’s best waterfront restaurants accessible by boat. Whether you’re a food enthusiast craving a fusion of Latino, Hispanic, Caribbean, and international flavors or an avid boater seeking a unique dining adventure, Miami offers an array of waterfront gems waiting to be discovered.

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  1. Baia Beach Club Miami: Nestled on the shores of Biscayne Bay, Baia Beach Club Miami beckons boaters with its sophisticated ambiance and coastal living vibes. Inspired by laid-back Bohemian energy, this restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere for guests to savor authentic Mediterranean cuisine. From beets and farro to grilled lobster and Faroe Islands salmon, the menu is a delight for discerning palates. While dockage may not be available, the immersive social activities and mouth-watering menu options make Baia Beach Club a must-visit spot for friends and family alike.

2. Joia Beach: Tucked away as a hidden gem in Miami, Joia Beach provides boaters with a vibrant oasis along the water’s edge. This European-inspired restaurant crafts dishes using freshly-sourced seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood, ensuring a delectable dining experience. With small plates, appetizers, and a variety of beverages on offer, Joia Beach caters to those seeking a taste of classic flavors with a modern twist. While dockage may not be available, planning your arrival in advance is key to securing a table at this must-visit spot.

3. Kiki on the River: Offering a unique dining experience on the Miami River, Kiki on the River blends modern cuisine with authentic Greek and Mediterranean influences. Housed in a space that reflects Miami’s artistic origins, this restaurant serves up a menu filled with tantalizing options like lemon potatoes, lamb chops, and salmon saganaki. With lunch and dinner menus that showcase a variety of flavors, Kiki on the River is the place to be for those seeking a culinary journey through Greek-inspired delights. Plus, with dockage available, arriving by boat adds an extra touch of adventure to your dining experience.

As you embark on your culinary voyage through Miami’s waterfront restaurants, don’t miss the chance to explore these top dining destinations accessible by boat. From savoring Mediterranean delights at Baia Beach Club Miami to indulging in European-inspired dishes at Joia Beach and savoring Greek cuisine at Kiki on the River, these waterfront eateries promise a memorable dining experience immersed in Miami’s vibrant culinary landscape.

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