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The Vandutch Yacht
Newport Beach, CA

The Vandutch Yacht


    The iconic Vandutch is everything one could desire from a modern day cruiser. Minimalistic design and sleek, elegant lines make the Vandutch a real head turner.

    Charter with The Nightfall Group for special occasions, such as, birthdays, family fun days, proposals, anniversaries, etc.

    Based in Newport Beach, this is one of the few places that will welcome you with pleasant climates and unique landscapes year-round.

    image WiFi
    image Climate
    image Bar
    image Galley Stove
    & Oven
    image Bluetooth
    image BBQ
    image Fishing gear

    The Vandutch Yacht

    We offer in-harbor and coastal cruises, as well as, day or weekend trips to the scenic Catalina Island.

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    • Specifications
    • logo Passengers 12
    • logo Length 42ft
    • logo Cabins 1
    • logo Newport Beach, CA