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Seaside Splendor: The Ultimate Guide to Cannes’ Best Beach Clubs and Luxury Villa Rentals

Cannes, Côte d'Azur

In fact, as one approaches closer to the sunlit city, the world of seaside elegance and beachfront culture crackles to life. Amidst all these beautiful landscapes and blue water is yet another gem waiting in line in the form of top beach clubs that attract gourmets and party monsters alike. Dive inside this excellence of culinary mastery married with a vibrant nightlife at these top 5 beach clubs in Cannes, where every minute speaks luxury leisure under the sun. And for those who love the last word in luxury and convenience, it will be there to bask in beauty with luxury Villa Rentals that promise a pampered escape in this Mediterranean location offered by The Nightfall Group.

June 20, 2024

Baoli Beach Club is another upscale joint, just below the water from Level. The fusion menu tastes between Mediterranean and Asian offer an unmatched taste of epicurean adventure. Once the night hits full stride, the club sends down a fantastic party setup at luxury Villa Rentals to get all the jet-setters and revelers going.

Z Plage: Tucked right on the legendary La Croisette, Z Plage sets a chic and sophisticated ambiance for those wanting to lie back in style. Known for seafood delights and cocktails, Z Plage is sunny by day and reshaped into a party place at night.

La Môme Cannes is probably the most coveted beach club, embodying what Riviera chic is all about. If there was a place where prestige reeked from its location on the mythical Boulevard de la Croisette, it is said that it allows visitors to let their hair down in luxury. The deep blue of the sea with its breathtaking views over the Mediterranean decides the medley of dishes coming from the Mediterranean itself; seafood and local products take pride in the culinary experience. Inside, the place welcomes guests for both lazing around and meetings. By day, background music is La Môme Cannes, setting ambient tunes. During the nightlife, many concerts and DJ sets are performed in this artistic vibe club. And so, in general, La Môme Cannes has this excellent opportunity to combine gourmet dining, sumptuous lounging occasions, and lively entertainment all in one place, which is unbeatable for chic beach club seekers in Cannes.

Annex Beach Feel the overdose of heady gastronomy at the new Annex Beach on Cannes’ legendary La Croisette. Designed by the legendary Jacques Garcia, this beach club is style avant-garde with a super-stylish waterfront feel. Dip sexy visions, often carried away, in Italian flavors set against the background of groundbreaking shows for unforgettable nights under the stars above the Mediterranean. Everything is ready for your experience with Annex Beach in Cannes, promising first-rate dining and an entertaining opportunity in one of the most famous places in the world.

While exploring the beach clubs in Cannes, you can stay at a luxury villa rentals, that are a perfect way of accommodation for someone who desires to close themselves to the high-end lifestyle of this city because of some opulent amenities, great views, and clubs. Indeed, with all the features close by, stays in luxury villas can only mean further indulgence when one visits this city. Whether you’re into self-seclusion or feel like staying at a luxurious estate located right in the middle of the action, luxury Cannes villa rentals are perfect for travelers looking for comfort, privacy, and sophistication.

The Nightfall Group is more than a luxury rental company in the French Riviera. We have invented a 360-degree lifestyle experience inspired by the needs and desires of our high-profile clientele. From personalized Itineraries and Private Airport Transfers to In-Villa Services, including private chefs, security, and spa therapists offering rejuvenating treatments, guests can indulge in various in-villa services for the ultimate relaxation and convenience.

Start planning your trip with The Nightfall Group now by calling +1 (310) 666-7012 or emailing [email protected] and get in touch with one of our concierge team members to curate a transcendent luxury staycation tailored exclusively to your desires.




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